About us


Delivering beyond what is expected of us is what makes TerraVerde special. It is the backbone of our entire business philosophy and drives everything we do and how we do it.

From the recruitment and training of the most talented team members through to the selection of the right support partners, we are rigorous in ensuring that everyone in and around TerraVerde is committed to excel. It does not just stop there either, over the years we have established effective professional working practises and processes that help us deliver our services consistently and efficiently to the highest standards.

We never forget that our outputs are totally dependent on the intimate dialogue we establish with you – our client. We believe the whole process should be as immersive as you would like it to be and above all, an enjoyable experience. To this end, we place a significant emphasis on our service delivery and tailoring it to your individual needs and preferences.

We believe in using only the best products and materials available within agreed project budgets. Everything we design and use throughout our business is thoroughly evaluated for its sustainability – from the selection of indigenous plants and innovative irrigation solutions to the formulation of water saving planting additives and use of recycled materials.