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Bassam Ottour

Bassam Ottour

Director of Operations


Bassam joined TerraVerde in 2004 as one of the founding team members in the role of Site Engineer. Today, working with two Project Managers, he directs the firm’s workforce of over 400 professionals across multiple construction and landscape projects.

Collaborating with key directors of the firm, Bassam is responsible for the smooth and efficient execution of project programmes. He is involved in every phase of work – checking quality of workmanship, build progress and conducting final inspections of project builds as well as directing post completion maintenance. With several hundred projects successfully completed under his supervision, he is one of the most experienced professionals in the landscaping sector today.

Bassam graduated with a BSc in Agricultural Engineering in 2000 and immediately commenced work in a nursery business in charge of horticultural materials and supplies procurement as well development and implementation of programmes for propagating plants, supervising horticultural practices, landscape construction and maintenance. He then went on to work with an Agricultural business where he was responsible for maintenance of a wide variety of ornamental trees and plants, supervising the preparation of planting mediums and inspection of botanical specimens for insect infestation and the recommendation of remedial treatments.