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Kheireddine Batech

Kheireddine Batech

Senior Electrical Engineer


A Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with over ten years experience, Kheirredine joined TerraVerde in 2009 as an electrical engineer. Today, as Senior Electrical Engineer, he leads the firm’s electrical engineering and lighting capability. Since joining the company he has contributed to many of its successes with the execution of lighting schemes for many of its award winning projects.

His responsibilities include the design and specification of lighting schemes for interior and exterior design and landscaping projects. As well as researching and selecting the most appropriate fixtures and fittings, his work involves him collaborating with suppliers and specialist manufacturers to innovate and develop unique lighting technology adaptations and techniques. This has included the exploration of fibre optic lighting and its application to landscape and interior uses, for example in pools and embedded in various hardscaping materials.

After graduating from the University of SETIF in Algeria, Kheireddine started his career working at the Algerian State Electricity Company before moving into the private sector in 2006 as Engineer in Charge of Industrial Control with a well-known German Electrical services company.