What we do

Pools and water features

When it comes to sculpting with water, TerraVerde has no equal. We have created some of the most stunning waterscapes to be found in the region – from infinity pools overlooking the skylines of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to secluded exclusive retreats surrounded with lush tropical plantings. Apart from amazing aesthetics, the TerraVerde team is fully conversant with the leading edge of pool design, construction and the incorporation of the most up-to-date light, audio and management systems.

Often the pools we construct are the focal point of an overall landscape and as such, apart from being fun and safe, are built to aesthetically harmonise with the landscape within which they are set and perform to the highest technical standards.

No garden would be complete without a water feature - either as an addition or alternative to a pool. We innovate bespoke running and still water features that add an additional sensory element to our projects. Whether the soothing trickle of a spring stream meandering through lush green plantings or the cascading crescendo of an in-pool waterfall.